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Tuesday 18 October 2011

opening squeeze

I finished hanging and cleaning (and painting) the works about five minutes before five, just in time for the first early arrivers (Thanks for the bubbles and flower Bronny and family). Then had to awkwardly shuffle while others arrived as I waited for Rosie to bring down the food, drinks, and a change of clothes for me.

Thanks to everyone who came along, and listened to my awkward speech in which I forgot to thank everyone but Rosie. I meant to say how vital my Dad was in conceiving and building the sliding wall panels, along with the window display wall. Also, Hannah for helping on the day and evening, Bronny and Simon for their help and lending a painting and ladder, all the ladies of my family for coming from the wopwops to visit (Mum, Nana, Aunty, Cuzz, and Sis for washing up and bringing the boys), Siren for being a choice framer, Jono and Aaron for transporting food, Blue Belle for the pizza... And I did manage to thank Fabian and Pat for providing their art to help fill the gallery.

Here's some snaps...

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