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Thursday 27 April 2017

The road to that map.

Going through my old work folders, and found the roughs for my BONE (Bureau Of Nautical Exploration) story for issue 01 of the Gecko Annual . There were a nuts amount of revisions in the process of putting it together. Plenty of the revisions were down to my nitpickiness, but also the editors Kate De Goldi and Susan Paris both have keen eyes for what's not working, spelling/grammar mistakes and what's ludicrously cryptic. These progress doodles show a little of the process behind the map spread.
The second Annual is coming out before xmas 2017, this time with a time-travelling story from me. Will post sneak peeks of that when I get the all clear.

Click them to embiginate...

The final jobbie...

and a variant version as a colouring/activity sheet extra...

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