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-Gavin Mouldey

Tuesday 24 April 2012


A couple of brand new giclĂ©e prints in store, released during the Monstrous Exhibition Of Exhibitionist Monsters (and pirates too!). Click 'em for a closer look-see.

"Te Taniwha O Taputeranga" (the monster/taniwha of Island Bay).  
Edition of 50, on 310gsm German Etching paper

Edition of 50, on 310gsm German Etching paper

Monday 9 April 2012

Sneak peek

A painting in the Monstrous Exhibition Of Exhibitionist Monsters, starting Sat 14th April (see previous post below).

Monday 2 April 2012

There Will Be Marmite!

Not just monsters, but PIRATES too! You are cordially invited to drink some cordial (or wine) and gobble some cookies at dittybox gallery, to celebrate the completion of a plague of monstrous paintings. 

Some things you may see... Pirates and monsters (aforementioned), dinosaurs, the moon, space ships, squids, tattooed fish, volcanoes, a desert island, a gorilla, south-coast landscapes, and... 
drum roll... MARMITE ON CRACKERS! First come first served.

HERE's the facebook page