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-Gavin Mouldey

Sunday 25 November 2012

Some stuff still in store...

 Assorted bits and pieces currently in dittybox. Our baby is due this week, so I might not be in the gallery, but someone will be invigilating in my stead. I'll update the opening hours after I've conferred with my spawn. Click the pics if you want a closer look-see.

 Chrissy cards, handpainted.

 "I'm An Island Baby" wee-tees and onesies. Some with squids/octopodes, 
and some with little pics of the island.

 My first left hand painting, from the week after tendon surgery.

 A smitten knight, left-handed too.

 Some Octo-related things, also painted left handed.

 Screenprinted, then hand coloured "Ventriloquist Rex".

 Crushed can dude. This one sold to a cool 9 year old called Nikko.  But there's more.

 A left-handed space station slash light house facility and assorted space-phenalia.

And the last piece done for my left hand show. 5 space wrecks.

Monday 19 November 2012

painting sale

It's a clutter-clearance week, so a bunch of paintings are available for less than half price.
Some old, some not so old. Click 'em for a closer look-see...











1-4: Oil, Acrylic, and Shellac on Wood, $120 each
5-8: Acrylic on wood, $90 each
9: Acrylic on Canvas, $30
10:Gouache on Canvas $100

Available in store from wednesday 20 Nov, or email