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-Gavin Mouldey

Wednesday 25 May 2016

School Journal scribbles

A couple of recent illustrations for the School Journal. One that is basically my dream home, and another of New Zealand's most popular big bird, the Moa, before it was driven to extinction and subsequently appropriated by the creators of Sesame Street. The Children's Television Workshop has no scruples.

spot the diff

Another Spot The Difference doodle for Wild Things, Forest & Bird's kids magazine. There's 10 differences I think. The little dude is a NZ Snapping Shrimp which has an oversized claw so powerful that the force from one snap sends out a shock wave of greater decibels than a rock concert, stunning the shrimp's prey so it can just drag the comatose victim back to it's tiny lair and devour at will. Click on it for a closer looksee.

And a How To Draw for the same issue...