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Monday 27 November 2017

Happy 1893 election day!

124 years ago today women in NZ voted for the first time in a general election. First time IN THE WORLD! The Electoral Act 1893 passed on the 19th Dec declaring all women, regardless of race/ethnicity, eligible to vote. It had taken three rounds of petitioning from Kate Sheppard and the suffrage campaigners to get the act passed, the last of which had 32,000 signatures. They then had less than ten weeks before election day, but in that time more than 80% of eligible women (over 21) had enrolled to vote, and 85% of those voted on the day (far greater than the 70% turnout from enrolled males).

This year Annual 2 came out. I was asked by the editors Kate De Goldi and Susan Paris to develop something with Kate Sheppard running a sausage sizzle. It evolved into an 8 page time displacement story. Here's some process doodles and final art for one of the spreads.

click for a closer looksee...

Annual 2 is available from NZ book stores and online from
Potton and Burton.