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-Gavin Mouldey

Saturday 1 September 2012

Two words... Dinosaurs and Pirates.

A stormy sea, some pirates, and their T-Rex captive in tow. This one's a wee mini painting. Mug-coaster size. Click to see the yellows of his eyes. "Monstrous Booty"

The following two are bigger. Same size as a plate-placemat. 
"Eat, Prey, Love, and Dinosaurs"

"Who Lives In A Pirate Ship, Under The Sea?"

Moa Point, or nearabouts

A new painting, and in-progress shot. Moa Point, South Coast of Wellington.
As always, you can click them for a closer look-see.

Happy D Day!

It's Daddy day in NZ.
Go enjoy some eggs, and an old movie with pirates and/or stop-motion dinosaurs.