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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Clearing the cobwebs

A dittybox is a small box used by seafarers to hold their keepsakes, small tools, and mementos.

After toying with the name "Elephand Vs Peanut", my partner Rosie and I decided on dittybox as the name for our gallery and studio in Island Bay. I've taken over the lease at 139 The Parade, now I just need to paint the walls, and put something on them. Rosie's knitting up a fluffy storm of tea coseys, and I'm getting messy with oil paints.

In the meantime, if anyone should stumble upon this blog and this post is still at the top, you can view some of my illustration and animation-design work at

And for now, here's a dittybox erupting with as-yet-indefinable contents...

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